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Intrepid Baffle Ceiling S

Intrepid ceilings utilize various sizes of Link & Lock™ battens, Longboard’s popular hidden fastener solution. Easy install and adaptability

Dauntless Baffle Ceiling

Our Dauntless baffle system is a fully suspended ceiling system which utilizes various sizes of beams attached to supplied carrier rails.

Tongue & Groove walls

Link & Lock hidden fastener battens can be used to create inspiring wall features, whether used by themselves, or combined with tongue & groove systems.

Panelboard walls

The Panelboard system uses a combination of uniquely designed planks and component trims to create the impression of a solid large format panel.

Screens & Partitions

Endura Linear Ceiling Sys

Endura Linear Ceiling Sys

Our Endura ceiling system is a tongue & groove system with a variety of options for trims, components, and reveals.

Intrepid Beam Ceiling Sys

Intrepid Beam Ceiling Sys

The Intrepid ceiling system uses our Link & Lock™ hidden fastener battens for easy install and design freedom

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