At Longboard, we dare to reimagine the world around us by driving continuous improvement in every aspect of our business. Our work culture is focused on safety, feedback, and collaboration, which together help us to achieve audacious goals. We also value generosity and believe in giving back to our local community by being actively involved in charities like the Abbotsford Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, and the Cyrus Centre Youth Shelter.

  • People Come First
  • There Is Always a Better Way
  • Compassionate Acts and Human Flourishing
  • Simplicity
  • Sustainability
  • Transparency
  • Radical Client Care
  • Relentless Executional Improvement
  • Revolutionary Product Development

The Longboard Difference

Over the years, Longboard has proven that our products are suitable for use in all market segments, are sustainably manufactured, and can stand up to the harshest conditions competing with the best architectural products on the market today. Our focus has always been on innovation, sustainability, quality, and providing exceptional client care to those who work with our products.

Our Solutions

    Our experienced product development team is finding new ways to simplify, optimize, and improve our current products while also dreaming up new ways to change the face of architecture. What began with exterior cladding solutions has since expanded into a full range of interior design solutions, including walls, ceiling systems, and acoustically enhancing products.

    Some milestones:

    In 2022, our team created the unique Hitch™ cladding attachment system to reduce global carbon emissions. This system is a patented modular device for rain screen and exterior wall assemblies offering a thermally broken and intermittent structural solution—unparalleled in structural capacity, flexibility, and thermal performance.

    Shortly after, we introduced our Longboard ECO™ suite of products. These products possess verified life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) and product-specific environmental product declarations (EPD). As policies shift toward lower embodied carbon buildings, product-specific EPDs will become essential

    The future of the construction industry is sustainable, and we are well positioned to support this transition. Our growing team works hard each day to help architects, designers, installers, general contractors, and building owners achieve their vision.

    We look forward to what the future will bring.

Realizing true sustainability requires understanding the connections between the environment, society, and the economy.

We strive to achieve a sustainable state of mind that permeates all aspects of our day-to-day lives.

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